FLOREX Pharma has launched its domestic sales operations with a focus on delivering values to healthcare industry. Our team of experienced Sales & Marketing professionals is busy in engaging Healthcare Professionals, Trade channels and potential Franchisers to build-up a national network and to augment our business. We are on the lookout of suitable partners to cover different territories across the country and to engage in a long term mutually beneficial relationship.



We are prioritizing our export business. For this, we are actively seeking partners in emerging global healthcare markets especially in the Middle East, Asian, European and African countries. We welcome potential partners and established distributors in their respective countries to partner with us in order to grow together.

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We welcome Pharma dealers and distributors from all over Pakistan to become our product Franchisers in their region. We have an excellent distribution network enabling a constant and regular supply of products.


As a reliable nutraceutical company, we are a partner of choice for many prominent pharmacy companies across Pakistan. Our company offers an extensive and competitive product portfolio with a flexible quantity and best quality. We have an experienced team of professionals having experience in all areas ranging from the formulation of products, quality control and quality assurance testing to packaging, designing, regulatory affairs and marketing strategies.  

FLOREX Pharma offers reliable ContractManufacturing solutions for the following product ranges:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrup
  • Dry Powder
  • Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Cream & Ointments

We offer the following contract manufacturing models:

  1. Our Composition –Your Brand – Your Packaging
  2. Your Composition –Your Brand – Your Packaging
  3. Your Product Idea –Our Development – Your Brand and Packaging


The most important feature of packaging is durability and attractiveness. FLOREX Pharma offers smart packaging solutions to ensure visual attractiveness, leakage proofing and comfortable handling of products. The design team at FLOREX Pharma can increase the marketability of your products by taking care of your packaging needs as below:

  • Blister, Alu-Alu& Strip packaging
  • HDPE bottle and jar
  • PET Bottle
  • Carton
  • Pouch packaging
  • Induction sealing
  • Shrink Wrapping

We have a dedicated team working on artwork designing as per the customer’s requirement. We also facilitate the regulatory approval of packaging material for our customers.

For Pharma franchise, private label contracts and packaging facility please contact and